Let’s make a film

Due to the complexity of the process and financial costs associated with making a film I understand you will have some questions. Listed below I detailed the steps from start to finish. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions as they arise. I look forward to working with you and hope to hear from you soon!


First…why is video so expensive?

The simple answer to this question is time! Video production is a time consuming process due to the amount of moving parts to put a film together. The largest part of the process is on the backend during post-production. All of the footage compiled during the event must be watched and sorted in order to formulate a story and narrative. Depending on the event, a typical 100 mile ultra-marathon can take anywhere from 24 to 32 hours for an individual to complete. Think of all that footage that was filmed! It will take approximately three times the amount of time to edit the video in post-production.

As a cost comparison the average wedding video costs approximately $1700. For an event that is 6 hours long the videographer will create a small 12 minute highlight video.

It is worth noting there are a few ways to offset some of these costs. The first being brand and sponsor partnerships. If you currently work with a brand and would like to integrate their product(s) and information into the video I will do everything to accommodate this partnership. There is tremendous advertising and marketing value due to the visibility of these videos. The second option is crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe. You would be surprised by the amount of people within your community and family that want to actively take part in your adventure and journey.


This part of the process is where I gather the necessary information to produce an extraordinary film for you. This includes looking into the rules of the event and contacting the race director if there is any conflicting regulations or concerns. In addition, I get an understanding of your wants and expectations as well as the logistics for the event. During this process I will draft a letter of understanding so you get a clear picture of the final product and what you can expect from me.


The event is here and it is time for you to do your thing. My job is to document and film as much as I can. Most runners/athletes I film are surprised about how little they see me during the race/event. Most of the equipment I use is small and portable. This allows me to remain mobile and not draw attention or distract from the race or event.


As I stated before this is where I spend the majority of the my time during the creative process. All the footage is sorted and compiled on a timeline in the editing software. Once this is done I can begin to color correct the video footage and add music and sound to bring the film to life. Typically I can complete the post-production process within 2 weeks of the event.


As I begin to get closer to a final draft I will begin to upload my work as an “unlisted” YouTube video. Using the provided link you will have the ability to give me any suggestions to get us closer to a completed video.


All of the video files and clips of the event will be transferred to a USB memory drive along with the finished video file. I will mail you the drive as the finished product. All the footage is yours and can be used in the future as you see fit.

Video upload

As the customer you have the final say where you want the completed video uploaded. If you already have a YouTube channel you can post the video when you receive the completed video file. If you do not have an established account the video can me uploaded to my channel and linked to similar content for increased viewership and shares. Either way you will have the completed project file.


Once you have viewed and are happy with the completed film I will send you an invoice for the project.