Who is this guy?


Hello! My name is Jesse Kokotek and I am a creator/filmmaker living in Tampa, Florida. I create videos documenting endurance events and outdoor adventure. First and foremost, I am a long distance runner and outdoor enthusiast! The past few years of ultra running has given me a valuable lesson in humility and hard work. I have been fortunate to take part in some amazing adventures where I was able to push my body past what I thought was possible. Along the way I have met some amazing people in some unique places and environments. We have laughed together, cried together, raced one another, yelled at each other, and suffered together in some of the most extreme conditions this world has to offer. I started documenting these journeys as a means to tell our stories and share our adventures with friends and family. Over the years I have built up my technical skills and physical endurance in order to film individuals during these challenges and events. IT IS ALL ABOUT THE STORY, YOUR STORY. It has been a humbling experience to share your passion with a bigger audience and I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.



  • Filmmaking

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design

  • Web Design and Development

  • Marketing and Advertising

  • Ultra-Running

  • Aerial Cinematography