It is all about the story

A great filmmaker uses the art of storytelling with words and visuals to create emotion. Nowadays anyone can buy a camera and call themselves a videographer. It takes almost no skill for a person to show up with a camera and shoot a project straight on. However, done right the storytelling experience can be rich and dynamic, integrating images, audio, and titling in such a way that it holds your attention from start to finish.

Everyone Has a Personal Brand

Sorry, it’s time we all accept it! The fact you are here reading this tells me we are on the same page. Personal branding is not perfecting or cultivating an unrealistic version of you. Personal branding is the humble promotion of your genuine, rounded identity, the one that makes you, you. There is no better time to double down on our personality, background and goals, publicizing what makes us unique in a competitive landscape. It is your responsibility to define yourself and promote your uniqueness no matter who you are, or what you do.


The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video than without. And nearly 75% of all internet traffic is video. It is digestible and shareable. Take an example of a 100 mile race recap/report (a written summary of an event). The average individual probably does not have the insight and knowledge to digest this sort of material. However, if you show them a video they will instantly see and witness the complexity and endurance of the event. Then they will probably share it with the world via social media. Allow me to give you an example via the West Highland Way Race. Assuming you have never heard of this event I would ask you to watch the video that is posted directly below this paragraph. I guarantee that after watching this film you will have a better understanding of the event and the athletic achievements of the runners. Why video? Because it tells the story!

This video details the 2018 West Highland Way Race in Scotland. This particular film is by far my favorite and stands as one of my proudest creative achievements.

Highly suggest Jesse. He was resourceful with knowledge about the course and the guy would be in the most surprising places videoing. Followed me for almost a mile and I never knew it.
— Cliff Kennedy

The Keys100 is a 100 mile ultra-marathon that travels from Key Largo to Key West along the Florida Keys. This video highlights Cliff Kennedy and the struggles that are associated with this type of event.


  • Filming

  • Video Editing

  • Color Correction & Grading

  • Motion Graphics

  • Audio Production

  • YouTube Development & Marketing

  • Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

  • Aerial Drone Videography

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Premiere Pro (Editing)

  • Photoshop (Graphic Design)

  • Audition (Audio)

  • After Effects (Motion)

  • Epidemic Sound (Music)